Angola Expat Health Insurance

Angola, a nation abundant with mineral resources, is increasingly becoming a hub for expatriate workers. In 2022, the annual mineral production in Angola soared to $32.04 billion, primarily driven by Diamond, Gold, and Oil mining. Securing international health insurance is crucial if you spend a substantial portion of your life in Angola as an expatriate. This insurance assures you of receiving top-notch medical care in the best healthcare facilities, ensuring your well-being in a foreign land.

Understanding Your International Health Insurance Options:

Navigating the complex world of global expat health insurance can be a daunting task. There’s insurance jargon to decode, numerous providers to choose from, and a general need for more awareness about insurance products. This dilemma therefore becomes even more pronounced for expatriates living and working in Angola.

Option 1: Work Directly With Insurance Providers

Firstly, you can engage with insurance providers directly. This approach enables you to gain detailed insights into their specific insurance products. It also allows you to seek answers to any questions about your insurance quote. However, the options might be somewhat limited.

Option 2: Collaboration with an Insurance Broker

Secondly, you can work with an insurance broker, such as New Perspective Insurance Consultants. These professionals understand the insurance market and can help you compare insurance providers and their offerings. They excel in breaking down the often intricate insurance language into easily comprehensible terms, making it more straightforward to determine the most suitable plan for your unique circumstances.

The Angolan Healthcare Landscape:

Angola, while alluring to expatriates for adventure and attractive salary packages, grapples with a public healthcare system that’s generally inadequate. The country’s healthcare system is divided into public and private sectors. Public healthcare is available at low costs but is often underfunded and understaffed, and the quality of care is substandard. 

Regarding Private healthcare, the country’s best hospitals are located in the capital city of Luanda. However, even those are usually not up to the standards many expats would be accustomed to. Medical staff in Angola speak mostly Portuguese, and because of the country’s high number of Cuban medical professionals, expats may also be able to find Spanish-speaking medical professionals, but English speakers are few.

Expatriates in Angola should also be aware of health hazards, including the risk of HIV/AIDS, malaria, neonatal disorders, typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, and diarrheal diseases. Vaccinations and preventive measures, such as anti-malarial tablets and protection against bug bites, are essential.

The benefits of International Health Insurance for Angolan expats:

Access to Healthcare Experts:

Moving to a foreign country can make accessing high-quality, independent medical advice challenging. Expat health insurance consultants understand the stress this uncertainty can cause. Their dedicated insurance consultants can provide information about your rights as an expatriate, your treatment options, and the services covered by your policy.

Nearest medical assistance:

International health insurance can provide coverage for services that the private healthcare system in Angola may not fully meet. While private clinics are better than state facilities, they are still considered inadequate for complex procedures and treatments. Health insurance for expats ensures access to higher-quality healthcare options in other countries, such as Namibia, Cuba, Spain, and Portugal.

Medical Evacuation (Medevac):

In cases where the healthcare available in your region falls short of your needs, international medical insurance plans can include a medical evacuation (Medevac) to transport you to a better-equipped hospital or clinic.

Coverage Across Regions and Countries:

As an expatriate, you will likely travel within the country or to neighbouring regions and countries. Expat health insurance ensures that you’re covered as long as you stay within your designated coverage area, offering flexibility and peace of mind.

Tailored Insurance:

Health Insurance for expats should offer protection that matches your needs and budget. While employers often provide expatriates with insurance, you might desire different coverage options.

Why Choose New Perspective Insurance Consultants:

New Perspective Insurance Consultants (NPIC) is a trusted choice for international health insurance needs. Here are a few reasons to consider NPIC:

Access to a Wide Range of Policies:

NPIC provides access to a diverse range of policies from multiple insurance providers, ensuring you have a broader selection of options.

Time and Money Savings:

NPIC simplifies the insurance process by conducting thorough research, negotiating on your behalf, and presenting you with the most suitable options, saving you time and money.

Expert Guidance and Advice:

NPIC’s insurance consultants act as advisors, offering unbiased recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances.

Trust and Reliability:

NPIC has built a solid reputation for professionalism, integrity, and commitment to client satisfaction.


How to Get International Health Insurance with NPIC:

Securing health insurance with NPIC is a straightforward process. You can contact us via phone or by filling out a contact form on our website. You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to a human expert who will help tailor the best plan for your unique expatriate life.



As an expatriate working in Angola, securing international health insurance is essential to safeguard your well-being. The country’s healthcare system has challenges, and health hazards are prevalent. Expat medical insurance provides a safety net, ensuring access to quality care, medical evacuation when needed, and coverage as you travel.

Consider NPIC as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of health insurance for expats, offering you a wide range of policies and expert guidance to meet your unique needs. Your health and peace of mind in Angola are worth the investment. Contact New Perspective Insurance Consultants today to start your journey towards comprehensive health insurance coverage.